Short term business support

Do you need support within your NC/CAPA Management due to a warning letter, a third party audit deviation, a customer audit deviation or similar?

Do you need support within your quality management or supplier quality management? F.e. within process stabilisation or improvement projects?

Do you need an experienced lead auditor ISO 13485:2016?

Or do you need a proven experienced and hands on people leader/manager with nearly 20 years of industry experience?

AdapTec is there to support you in overcoming your business challenges!

Why choosing AdapTec

Experience in NC/CAPA - Trouble shooting

Several hundred NC/CAPA's executed or reviewed/managed

Experience in supplier quality management

More than hundred supplier audit/evaluation executed or reviewed/managed
Several hundred supplier relationship managed

Experience in leadership

More than 10 years of people leadership
Crisis proven as officer within peace support missions of the swiss army as well as people/project leader within regulated industries and multinational projects

Who is AdapTec?


Fabian Kocher is the founder and managing director of AdapTec.

An executive-level multinational operations and quality expert with nearly 20 years of industry experience.

Specialized in addressing complex internal or external quality challenges (f.e. NC/CAPA, audit deviation, product deviation) using a wide experience in root cause analysis, quality & process engineering/improvement and international project management.

Background includes international supplier management, supplier development, supplier evaluation, supplier audit according to ISO 13485:2016, supply chain management, product/design transfer, process improvement, NC/CAPA and deviation management, Lean/6 Sigma and a strong knowledge of ISO 9001, 13485, 14001 quality standards.

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